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Astrology Consultations:

Sessions focused on a specific concern or topic that you have

Regarding COVID-19:

All services are currently offered through phone call or Zoom, not in person.  I dearly miss meeting with clients in person but listening to those with expertise in epidemiological matters is of paramount importance to ensure the safety of all of us.

All pricing for the services below are done through dialogue before you schedule your session.  The prices vary due to amount of research needed to address your concern and the duration of the session.   If you have financial constraints due to COVID-19, please don't hesitate to mention this during the initial dialogue so accommodations can be made.  

Examples of consultations:

  • I have been given times to choose from for an important interview.  Which one is the best?

  • I have been given the opportunity to relocate.  Can you tell me more about the influences on my chart at the new location?

  • I am interested in learning about what is happening in my life right now - can you give me details about these influences and how I can best deal with them?

When you book your consultation, there will be a place in the form for you to communicate what you would like addressed in your session.