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Astrology Sessions:

Focused Topics to Aid your

Life's Journey

The stars don't determine your fate.  You do. ​

Just like a map tells you where there's traffic and construction so that you can work with the information, an astrologer can show you the influences that are affecting you so that you can work with them and make the most of them.  The map is not the territory, yet it can make traversing the territory easier. My specialty is to assist you in gaining awareness of nature's influences that are active in your life and help you align with them consciously. Working with nature brings ease and grace into life and allows nature to step in and provide support and joy.

Regarding COVID-19:

All services are currently offered through phone call or Zoom, not in person.  I dearly miss meeting with clients in person but listening to those with expertise in epidemiological matters is of paramount importance to ensure the safety of all of us.

The pricing below reflects my normal charges.  If you would like a session but due to COVID-19 you have financial constraints, please reach out by clicking the button below.

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