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Empower Yourself

in Any Relationship Duo 


These two sessions empower you and honor your own unique path to happiness and fulfillment in any relationship/partnership.

Deepest Personal Needs Session:

With precision and clarity, our natal placements of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are associated with our deepest personal needs.   In this session, the role of each of these planets is explored.  When the needs of the sun and the moon are met, we have vitality and security.  When Mercury's needs are met, we are able to communicate effectively and facilitate the easy exchange of ideas.  When Venus' needs are met, we are able to bond and be intimate.  When Mar's needs are met, we are able to be true to our own sexual nature.  We explore ways to honor these needs.  This is a very empowering session, as it enables acknowledgement and a rich acceptance of your own personal nature.  

Partnership Navigation Session:

In astrology, when two people come together in a relationship - parent/child, lover, business partner, friend, spouse, just to name a few - a third energy is created.  This third energy is the energy of the relationship itself.  Exploring this energy and how it impacts your own natal chart is empowering, because it offers awareness into parts of yourself that are activated by the relationship.  It can also offer a clear path to seeing what you bring to the partnership and what you expect from it.  Exploration of your greatest path of personal growth within the relationship, as well as how to contribute to the relationship in the most successful manner, is also a part of this session.  Furthermore, we look at the specific patterns that exist as your partner's chart impacts your own.  Awareness of these dynamics gives you the freedom to operate within them instead of by compulsion.  

Package Cost: $349

Cost of individual sessions purchased separately: $398

You save: $49

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