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The Saturn Trio


These three sessions work together to maximize your determination, perseverance, and willpower to achieve your ambitions and goals.

Your Natal Saturn Session:

Learn about the meaning of the astrological Saturn in your natal chart.  This includes Saturn's sign, house, and aspects as well as motion (direct/retrograde).  Identify your biggest block to success and learn how to overcome it to claim your natural authority.  Learn to honor your true priorities and receive personalized ways to encourage healthy self-discipline.  Tap into your natal Saturn to explore strategies to work smarter, not harder.  Get personalized, practical methods to develop focus, perseverance and fortitude.  Also included is an astrological timing technique which gives you specific times each month in which you can most easily develop your discipline and focus. 

Saturn & Chiron Session:

Saturn and Chiron are both associated with personal defense mechanisms but for different reasons.  In the natal chart, one aspect of working with Saturn is to address where in life we naturally feel that we are lacking.  If we are unaware of where we feel this lack, or where we naturally feel blocked, then we become very defensive about this area of life or try to overcompensate.  By working consciously on this particular area of life and by incorporating habits that tackle the personal block, Saturn's limitations can be overcome. Chiron's defenses are derived from a different source altogether.  Chiron's placement in the chart shows us where we hold an unhealable wound.  Through our lives, if we are unconscious of this area, we build a fortress of defenses around it so that no-one can see where we hurt the most.  The process of working with Chiron is a journey of unconditional love toward the self and unconditional acceptance to such a degree that healing is no longer sought after.  Chiron's great gifts enable us to be authentically compassionate, to be vulnerable with others, and to engage life fully.  This session is empowering because it addresses major blocks to growth that are often unconscious and gives you not only an awareness but also concrete tools to work with your natal placements and create healthy boundaries.


Saturn's Cycle Session:

This session will guide you through Saturn's 28-year cycle, which brings maturity and wisdom to every area of your life.  Saturn is sometimes described as "the cosmic paycheck" and is known for giving you what you've earned or showing you the error of your ways when it contacts planets in your natal chart.   During Saturn's journey around your chart, challenges and obstacles arise that must be overcome.  By engaging these issues, you gain maturity and wisdom.  Above all, Saturn asks that you examine your reality with an honest eye and gives determination, grit, and perseverance to those with the courage to make real improvements in their circumstances.  Awareness of Saturn's cycles in your life is a grounding experience that is extremely empowering.  In this session, we examine Saturn's 28-year cycle around your chart and plot when Saturn's influence is impacting each area of your life.  We will also examine Saturn's transits to its natal position at the time of your birth, which includes the famous "Saturn Return" which happens up to 3 times in the course of your life. 

Package Cost: $489

Cost of individual sessions purchased separately: $547

You save: $58

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