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The Jupiter Duo 


These two sessions work together to maximize Jupiter's influence of luck, opportunity, and expansion in your life.

Your Natal Jupiter Session:

Learn about the meaning of the astrological Jupiter in your natal chart.  This includes Jupiter's sign, house, and aspects as well as motion (direct/retrograde).  Identify your greatest gifts and talents and learn how to use them to their fullest potential.  Learn which risks in your life are healthy to take and will promote development and growth.  Tap into your natal Jupiter to experience faith in yourself, in life, and to stretch your horizons.  Get personalized, practical methods to maximize your ability to explore and expand.  Also included is an astrological timing technique which gives you specific times each month in which you can most easily celebrate and capitalize on your innate gifts and talents.  

Jupiter's Cycle Session:

This session will guide you through Jupiter's 12-year cycle, which brings growth, opportunity, and expansion to every area of your life.  Known as "the greater benefic" in traditional astrology, Jupiter's movement through the chart often brings luck and prosperity.  Even when losses occur under Jupiter's influence, we look back and realize that losing was actually the best thing that could have happened, because it opened the way for something of even greater benefit. Awareness is critical with Jupiter because more of something is not always better.  In this session, we will plot Jupiter's movement and examine its relationship to your natal Jupiter placement.  You will learn how to capitalize on Jupiter's beneficial influence in every area of your life.  

Package Cost: $309  

Cost of individual sessions purchased separately: $348

You save: $39

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