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The Venus Duo


These two sessions work together to enhance your creativity and increase the amount of pleasure and ease in your life.

Your Natal Venus Session:

Learn about the meaning of the astrological Venus in your natal chart.  This includes Venus' sign, house, and aspects as well as motion (direct/retrograde).   Identify your natural partnership style and personal methods to reduce stress in your life.  Tap into your natal Venus to increase your amount of pleasure, flow, and creativity.  Get personalized, practical methods to maximize your ability to promote grace, ease and abundance.  Also included is an astrological timing technique which gives you specific times each month in which pleasure and ease can be maximized.   

Venus Mysteries Session:

The planet Venus is a dual planet - it is a morning star for part of its cycle and an evening star for another part.  It also disappears twice.  Furthermore, it rules two signs - Taurus and Libra.  In this session, your natal Venus phase is explored. This is directly connected to your life path.  Also explored are the aspects of the quintiles and biquintiles in your chart.  These are "minor" aspects that are directly related to Venus and her mysteries.  Furthermore, the Venus retrograde cycles will be examined.  There are 5 areas of your chart that are impacted by Venus retrogrades during your life.  Charting when each of these five areas is triggered by a Venus retrograde reveals 5 different "storylines" that show your development in relationships, with money, and with your values.   Finally, the rhythm of Venus in your life will be explored. You will gain awareness of a turning point that occurs every 8 years and creates shifts in the way you approach creativity, beauty and appearances, social skills, and serenity.    

Package Cost: $309

Cost of individual sessions purchased separately: $348

You save: $39

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