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The Evolutionary Duo


These two sessions give you a perspective on your life in the bigger picture of cosmic time and show your greatest path of growth. 

Your Path of Growth Session:

The birth chart is decoded using the methods outlined by evolutionary astrologers Steven Forrest and Jeffrey Wolf Green with an emphasis on energies with which you were born. This includes your natural gifts and talents and also clarifies some tendencies you have acquired that no longer serve you.  In a nutshell, learn what does and does not work for you.  This session emphasizes your greatest path of growth and development. 

Your Karmic Patterns Session:

When you look at the phasal relationships between two planets, meaning where they are in relation to each other, deeper karmic themes begin to emerge. The word "karma" is being used here because when planetary phases are explored, it is clear that the current life is a part of a much bigger picture - one that started before your arrival on the planet, and one that will continue after you depart.  This session explores your current life themes regarding sex, ambition, and individuation in terms of this bigger picture.  You will gain awareness not only of these cycles that occur over layers of existence, but also of your particular place in them right now.  This session also explores the optimal response you can make to your own personal karma. 

Package Cost: $279

Cost of individual sessions purchased separately: $318

You save: $39

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