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The Mercury Duo


These two sessions work together to enhance your mind, communication, and learning.

Your Natal Mercury Session:

Learn about the meaning of the astrological Mercury in your natal chart.  This includes Mercury's sign, house, and aspects as well as motion (direct/retrograde).  Identify your learning style and uncover ways to improve your communication in different situations using your innate wisdom.  Get personalized practical methods to maximize your ability to learn and to create space for true communication to take place.  Also included is an astrological timing technique which gives you specific times each month in which your ability to speak, write, and communicate can be maximized.  

Personal Impact of Retrogrades Session:

Every year, Mercury goes retrograde three times.  When a planet goes retrograde, it appears to be going backward when you are looking at it on the earth.  (It is not actually going backward in space!)   When Mercury goes retrograde, it spends extra time in certain areas of your chart indicating which areas of life are primed for review, revision, release and re-orientation. Mercury retrograde is not something that happens to us - it is something necessary, with a purpose and a function.  By truly understanding Mercury's yearly cycle, you will find yourself relaxing into each Mercury retrograde instead of stressing over it.  Practical methods will be given to maximize your experience of Mercury's entire cycle, which enhances your ability to communicate, bring fresh ideas into your mind, broaden your perspective, and heighten your perceptions.    

Package Cost: $309

Cost of individual sessions purchased separately: $348

You save: $39

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