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Manifestation Duo 


These two sessions work together to maximize your ability to manifest your heart's desires.

The Sun's Cycle Session:

Every year, as the sun moves around your chart, nature plots a clear course for you to manifest the desires of your heart.  Learn about your personal yearly cycle and how to make the most of your actions!  This session comes with a book and very clear instructions to help align yourself with your own personalized sun cycle to activate your dearest intentions.  

The Moon's Cycle Session:

The moon's cycle is one of the most fundamental in nature.  Each month, it activates a part of your chart that is ready to experience new growth.  It also activates a part of your chart that is ready to release energy that has outlived its usefulness.  When you consciously pair with these cycles, you can activate prosperity in all parts of your life and also learn to let go in a much more graceful manner.  This session includes one full year's cycles and concrete exercises to assist you in creating the life your heart desires.  

Package Cost: $329 

Cost of individual sessions purchased separately: $368

You save: $39

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Manifestation Duo Payment 
Package cost of $329 includes both Manifestation Duo sessions and a book.
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You have three months to complete your sessions before they expire.
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