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Combine multiple sessions to achieve specific purposes


The Manifestation Duo

This bundle helps you manifest your heart's desire.


The Mercury Duo

This bundle enhances your mind, communication, and learning.


The Primal Trio

This bundle reveals your personal path to the integration of your inner world with your presentation to others out in the world.


Activate the Full Potential of Any Relationship Trio

This bundle enables you to activate the full potential of any relationship by widening your perspective and understanding its impact and evolutionary purpose.


The Jupiter Duo

This bundle maximizes Jupiter's influence of luck, opportunity, and expansion in your life.


The Venus Duo

This bundle enhances your creativity and increases the amount of pleasure and ease in your life.


The Evolutionary Duo

This bundle gives you a perspective on your life in the bigger picture of cosmic time and shows your greatest path of growth.


Relationship Dynamics Trio

Both partners must be present for the sessions in this bundle.  In these sessions, each partner's natural way of being is honored, leading to optimal relating and growth within the partnership.


The Saturn Trio

This bundle maximizes your determination, perseverance, and willpower to achieve your ambitions and goals.


The Happiness Trio

This bundle shows your personal path to optimal health, happiness, and fulfillment.


Empower Yourself in Any Relationship Duo

This bundle empowers you and honors your own unique path to happiness and fulfillment in any relationship/partnership.


Build Your Own Package

Combine sessions to meet your own unique purpose

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