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A New Cycle of the Mind Begins Today!

Today, Mercury conjuncts the Sun! This is the beginning of the new cycle of the mind that will last from today until February 7, 2021. Take a few quiet moments today to explore what thoughts come to you and to receive guidance on your own personal journey. Write down whatever insights come to you in the stillness of today. Keep this list with you throughout the Mercury cycle (from October 25 - February 7) as a guide.

Here is advice from Erin Sullivan in her book Retrograde Planets for today:

-A seed is planted at this time that gestates throughout the last half of the retrograde cycle, birthing shortly after Mercury stations to turn direct about 10 days later

-What is revealed now is appropriate to the new beginning that will happen in 10 days – pay attention!!

-It marks a time to rest and recuperate

-Scale down initiatory action and allow the unconscious to work

-Progress is only measured by reflection and by looking back to see how far one has come

-Edit out extraneous components in work, thought, or lifestyle to leave room for the more currently relevant material that begins to surface after this point

If you know your own astrological chart, look at the house where 26 degrees of Libra is. This house is the territory of your personal mental re-birth that will begin to manifest when Mercury goes direct on November 3.

May all beings be at ease!

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