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A Short Note to My Subscribers

I added this little blurb to the top of my blog on the site, but it occurs to me that you may not see it if you just see the posts by clicking on the link in your e-mail. Here it is:

My blog posts are coming out fast and furious right now!  This is due to the large amounts of astrological activity in the year 2020.  Just to name a few:
- Venus enters a new cycle once every 19 months and did so on June 3, 2020.
- Jupiter and Pluto conjoin once every 12 years and do so in 2020.
- Jupiter and Saturn conjoin once every 19 years and do so in 2020.
When the posts speed up, that means there is a lot of astrological activity.   Know that when the posts slow down (and they will), the astrological activity slows down.   May all beings be at ease in this year of great change!

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