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Allowing with Ease

Today, as Mercury retrograde conjuncts the Sun at 20 degrees of Aquarius, a new Mercury cycle begins. You can think of this inferior conjunction as the inception of the cycle, and then when Mercury re-emerges in the sky, the new cycle is born. This is the first of three Mercury cycles in air signs this year which indicates that we are all revising how we communicate, perceive, teach and learn, and relate to our siblings during 2021. This Mercury cycle beginning today will last from February 8 until June 9.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow give us all excellent opportunities to see what is naturally falling away and also what newness is coming into our lives. This is a very potent time to feel into the future. As this event is happening in Aquarius, it might be shocking to discover what it is that is falling away - what attachments no longer serve. Insights into what is arriving may be shocking as well!

How to pair with this event:

Sometime either today or tomorrow, make a list, a collage, a representation of some sort acknowledging what is dropping away and what is arriving. This will really help prepare you for the new moon later this week. The reason why this is significant is that this Mercury-Sun conjunction is happening today at 20 degrees of Aquarius and the New Moon on Thursday, February 11 is happening at 23 degrees of Aquarius. You can think of the Sun-Mercury inception as pairing with or paving the way for this new moon. Right now, at this very moment, we can see how to change our minds and we can feel into what newness will arrive for us between now and June 9. The striking nature of this event is the ease and grace that is available, especially the ease at which attachments can be seen now and drop away. When the New Moon arrives on Thursday, we can then make intentions to move ourselves further in the direction presenting itself to us so easily now.

Just a friendly reminder, until February 20th, Mercury will be in its Promethean Retrograde phase. This is the phase of Mercury retrograde that gives it a bad name. This is because we now see our new direction but we can't take action yet! This is the time to give your mind a wide berth and allow time for brainstorming, dreaming, and mental freedom to explore possibilities. Take no action yet!!

From now until February 20th, please take these reminders to heart:

  • Don’t sign contracts

  • Don’t make big purchases

  • Don’t make important, life-changing decisions

  • Don’t make new business ventures

  • Be patient if travelling and expect mix-ups and delays

  • Be aware - there is a higher likelihood of being misunderstood when having important discussions/conversations

Take it easy, be patient, rest, and enjoy this very potent time when where you are headed is presenting itself with such ease and clarity!

May all beings be at ease!

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