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Days that are Ripe for Realization

One of the gifts of knowing astrology is the awareness that there really is a time for everything. When planets make contact with each other, energies combine and this impacts us on earth.

There are certain days every year that are ripe for realizations. These opportunities come every time a planet is conjunct or opposing the Sun. When a planet is conjunct (on top of) or opposing (right across from) the Sun, how that planet operates within your psyche can become known to you in a much better way. What I've found to be helpful to aid this process is to allow more time for contemplation and meditation in my life during the days of the conjunction or opposition. This gives my psyche more room to experience the insights.

This week, the planet Neptune opposes the Sun on Friday, September 11th. This means that September 10th, 11th, and 12th are days when a first-hand experience of how Neptune functions in your psyche is available.

So, what is Neptune in astrology? How does it function? Which part of us does Neptune represent? This is a quote by Dharmarakshita, who lived in the 10th century:

Like the plantain tree, life has no inner core. Like a bubble, a lifetime has no inner core. Like a mist, it dissipates upon close examination. Like a mirage, it is beautiful from afar. Like a selection in a mirror, it seems as if it were really true. Like clouds and fog, it seems as if it were really stable.

This is the crux of Neptune: how we view reality is not really reality. Where we think there is firm ground, there is really no ground. Our mind wants permanence, stability, and predictability. In reality, life is impermanent, unstable, and unpredictable. So, we invent a world in order to function. Neptune is the planet that reminds us that we live in these invented worlds, not the real one. If our naive view were true, nothing would pass away and nothing new would come into existence, and we would live in an unimaginably static world.

According to Steven Forrest:

Neptune represents the interface between the self and the unfathomable spaciousness of the deep psyche. Neptune is the window through which we look into deep space, and through which deep space is looking back at us. Neptune is not free of the self's distortions, nor is it purely defined by our more narrow drives and appetites. It is a planet that references the great sea of consciousness. So, you're standing on a physical real-world shore, literally gazing out into the ocean. And you know the feeling you get there, that feeling of spaciousness and infinity, of being the presence of something so vast and ancient that you can't comprehend it. You have no visceral idea of where the sea ends or might lead. These are ancient human feelings about the sea - and they coincide quite exactly which the feelings you get if you simply close your eyes and tune in to your own inner vastness. Pay attention to that infinite spaciousness.

Here is an invitation: make a little bit of time to experience the spaciousness in which you arise on September 10, 11, and 12. This time is potent and ripe to loosen your own personal barriers and boundaries and experience the infinite source of all life.

May all beings be at ease!

Want to know more about how Neptune functions specifically in your life? Check out the Neptune Session! Your Neptune: Returning to Source

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