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Facing What We've Been Fighting

From October 10 until October 17, there is a nice bit of astrological activity! All of the events point to an opportunity to see what has been bothering us that we haven't been able to put a finger on. In the process of this "big reveal," we see what exactly we need to do and we finally surrender our resistance to actually doing it. To be clear: it's not time yet to take big actions. It's a time of internal preparation before those actions can be taken.

Here's a rough analogy. Back in August, you bit into a piece of fruit and accidentally hit the pit. Your tooth has been slightly bothering you since then, but it's nothing you couldn't live with. You've been hoping that the tooth would heal on its own, but now it is clear that you will need to make an appointment to see the dentist. Before you make that appointment, there is an internal shift - you've moved from "this should take care of itself" to "an action really is required - and it's an action I really don't want to take." There is an internal surrender, a sighing breath, a feeling of resignation and acknowledgement. This is exactly where we are next week. It's not about making that appointment with the dentist yet, it's about releasing the resistance to making the appointment.

The big difference between this rough analogy and real life is that in the analogy, I've made it very simplistic: you know your tooth is the problem. With the current configuration, you don't exactly know the problem - it's like something has been deeply disturbing - but you haven't been able to pinpoint it. This coming week will be revealing as to the nature of the disturbance. In addition, opportunities to sit with the discomfort and surrender to the needed action will abound.

Here's the timeline:

October 10 - October 11: Our hearts are already getting primed to let us know some very important information. You may feel completely stuck or stalled in some regard or like time needs to stop. Honor these feelings and urges as much as possible. Give yourself permission to go outside of your routine.

October 12 - October 15: Mars enters his transcendence phase as he opposes the Sun. These are the days where you can receive the information you need. Go slow and engage in whatever practices assist you - it could be meditation, yoga nidra, conscious walking, prayer, dreamtime practices... However you open yourself up to the greater wisdom beyond yourself, this is the time to do it.

October 13: Mercury goes retrograde. The exact opposition of Mars to the Sun and the exact time that Mercury goes retrograde are only two hours apart! This indicates that we will need some extra time to process whatever is revealed. The 3-week Mercury retrograde period is designed to help our logical, rational mind slow down so that we can access important information in our subconscious and unconscious mind. There's something that will be brought to our attention with the Mars opposition and we will get that extra time to let it percolate from October 13 - November 3.

October 15 - October 16: Both the Sun and the Moon square Pluto. These are excellent days to acknowledge any feelings regarding your own woundedness, powerlessness, and victimhood. These are great days for writing down lists of who/what you resent, what you feel guilty about, and what you feel is holding you back. These aspects occur back-to-back during the Balsamic moon phase. If you choose to do any sort of ritual of release/loosening of these feelings/circumstances/thoughts/conditions that are perpetuating these feelings (of woundedness, powerlessness, resentment, guilt, etc), you are setting in motion their release for good. Be sure to do your ritual before 3:31 pm on October 16!

October 16: New moon in Libra at 3:31 pm Eastern! This new moon is in a tight spot - right in-between an exact square to Pluto and an exact square to Saturn! That's okay! It's a perfect new moon to commit to doing something we really don't want to do but we know we will have to do because it's for the best. It's a great new moon for acknowledging a reality that we would rather not see. The time of avoidance has ended.

May all beings be at ease!

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