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Happy New Year!

Here are my astrological musings today:

I spent the morning looking at the upcoming lunation cycle beginning with the new moon on January 2 at 1:33 pm EST. (One lunation cycle includes all 8 phases of the moon.) I noticed that the full moon of this lunation cycle (January 17 at 6:48 pm EST) occurs at 27 degrees of Cancer.

This means that the Full Moon this month is directly opposite Pluto. This is not only a Plutonian event, but this is the year of the USA's Pluto return. (A return is when a planet returns to its natal position after moving through all other sectors of the chart.) The USA's Pluto Return is not the subject of this post, as it has been written about by many other talented astrologers, including:

  • This wonderful article by Ray Grasse in which he looks at what happened during the Pluto returns of other countries

  • This article just published by Dana Gerhardt in which she discusses the role of money, resources and power in the USA during this major event

What sparked my attention is the combination of the full moon, which is personal, with the Pluto Return in the USA's chart, which is national. During my upcoming new moon ceremony tomorrow, I will be asking myself questions like these:

  • What is my personal role in the huge transformation that is occurring this year, and for at least the following 10 years, in my country?

  • How do I align with the values of my country and how do I differ?

  • What are my real feelings about my country? Where are they rooted?

  • How do my personal shadows and the American shadows align? (Each country has their own national shadows. If you want to listen to something truly fascinating about the unique shadows of the USA, I suggest you start here.)

If you are not an American and you are reading this, you can ask yourself some similar questions. As the USA has had an enormous impact worldwide, you can use this lunation cycle to explore your own personal relationship to the USA and its citizenry.

In other words, between the new moon on January 2 and the next new moon on February 1, the time is ripe for all Americans to consider our personal role in our country. What is our personal connection to what is dying in the USA and what is yet unknown and waiting to be born? Right now, we all have energy to contribute to this process. The mistake is in thinking that all of this is too big and beyond your influence. Your very being here at this time means that you can contribute energetically, materially, or in other ways. Have fun exploring!

May all beings be at ease!

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