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Illumination paired with Slow Integration

We won't have another day like today until early December, 2022. Today, the Sun opposes Mars. Mars is extremely bright in the sky right now, due to his extreme closeness to earth. If you ever wanted to communicate with the energy of Mars, there is no better time than tonight or tomorrow. As with all oppositions to the Sun, some kind of illumination is available. Something you haven't been able to see can make itself known to you now. All that is needed in order to access the insight is a safe space and a willing spirit.

Today, only two hours after the exact opposition of the Sun and Mars, Mercury goes retrograde. This invites us all to take our time integrating the information that we have received. One Mercury cycle is ending and the next will begin on October 25. Between today and October 25, we will be reviewing the past three months. Our logical, systematic brains will slow down and our intuitive mind will step in. Our dreams will have more weight, as messages from our subconscious strive to come into awareness.

This Mercury retrograde is unique because of when it occurs. This Mercury retrograde is happening right during the turning point in the Mars retrograde cycle! This indicates that in order to integrate our insight about how our Mars is functioning (i.e. how we protect/defend ourselves, how we go after what we want in life, where we put our energy, where our heart actually is) our logical brain needs to take a break. Something about our thinking and perceptions need to change in order for this deeper insight about our Mars function to take root and blossom later, when Mars goes direct on November 13.

The best way to navigate this Mercury retrograde between October 13 and November 3 is to deeply relax. Find ways to relax your body and your mind. Lighten your mental load as much as possible. Give yourself a lot of room for mental wanderings and daydreams. You might be surprised at how, when you consent to relax your mind and loosen your mental grip on your world, life will show you what you most need to know.

May all beings be at ease!

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