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It's Time to Slow Down the Mind

Right now, Mercury is slowing way down as it prepares to go retrograde on June 17. Before Mercury goes retrograde it slows down to a near halt. How to pair with this? Slow down your mind. Take one thing at a time. Go slowly and treasure your daily moments.

When Mercury goes retrograde, it is a time to give our logical minds a break. I like the analogy that when Mercury is Direct, it is like when we are awake. Our minds are active, busy, and alert and, for the most part, our unconscious and subconscious minds are not known to us when we are awake. However, when Mercury is retrograde, our logical, active, busy minds need a break. Our unconscious and subconscious have been trying to get our attention and we may not have been listening.

From now until June 22, Mercury will "station." This means that it is going to be appearing to almost be at a standstill as it appears to change direction in the sky. How best to navigate?

  • Recognize that there is an opportunity to curtail some actions right now; take them

  • We are nearing the end of the Mercury cycle that began on February 25, 2020. Begin to do a review: what has happened in your life since the Mercury cycle began? What new changes and developments have there been?

  • Stop making new plans. We are now in a time of review and recollection.

  • Look around: what needs some attention? What have you been neglecting? What have you been putting off?

  • Don't force results of anything at this time. If you find yourself frustrated now because you're not getting the results you want, relax and allow.

  • Appreciate your dreams, daydreams, and any other time when your subconscious and unconscious is making itself known. Welcome these parts of your mind that are usually not as available.

  • Let your mind go on a journey with no specific itinerary. Enjoy your mind-wanderings and let them illuminate things to you.

Mercury retrograde is a time of resting the mind and we're preparing for that deep rest now. Thank your active, busy mind for all that it helped you accomplish since February 25th. Remind it that you will see it again when Mercury goes direct on July 11. Then, calm down, slow down, and enjoy the scenery as other parts of your mind come forward.

May all beings be at ease!

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