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July 1 - July 11: The Promethean Retrograde Period of Mercury

The new cycle of Mercury has begun! This means that our minds become more active and bursts of fresh mental energy have arrived. In my experience, this particular phase of Mercury retrograde is what gives Mercury retrograde a bad name. Why? Because people mistakenly act on this fresh mental energy instead of giving their ideas time for exploration and research. Here's the deal: the information we get during this period is incomplete. Any actions taken now will most likely need to be changed later on after Mercury goes direct.

Here are some tips to navigate these 11 days:

  • Recognize that impatience arises easily now, but hastening any process simply will not work

  • Be experimental, yet cautious

  • Actively lay the groundwork for the future by being passively receptive to the current conditions; don't sign contracts or initiate new enterprises or make major purchases

  • Observe the exciting energy of new beginnings and combine it with a sense of restraint - this can create some tension and that's okay

  • Do research; explore new potentials, options, and opportunities

  • Contain anxiety and build a more appropriate method of operation by not making major decisions and resisting the impulse to wade in

  • Recognize that the mind is gradually acquiring the information and perspective that the will should exercise when Mercury goes direct on July 12

  • Survey your scene and scan your horizon for new tools that might be useful in the near future

  • Appreciate this profoundly educational time; it can be a time of being intensely creative as you explore different futures with your mind without acting on them

  • If frustration arises, acknowledge that there is an inability to formulate fully-matured ideas or situations at this time. The best antidote to frustration is developing trust and learning to let go of control of any outcome.

  • If your circumstances demand that something must be completed during this period, it is wise to be prepared for change. Your flexibility becomes an asset, so insert a 'provisional change codicil' to deal with serious planning flaws later on.

There are a couple of events happening within this Promethean Retrograde period that are significant enough to note. All of these events suggest that it is advisable to communicate carefully and consciously from July 1 - July 12.

July 4 - Venus reaches her maximum brightness in the sky; more on this in a forthcoming separate post

July 4-5 - the last Lunar Eclipse of this eclipse season; we will notice the unstable energy that is underlying so many of the current tensions increase and climax at this eclipse point; more on this in a forthcoming separate post

July 7 - 9 - Mercury makes a square (a tense relationship) with Mars. This influence accompanies a quickness to vent anger and frustrations. Also at this time, most people will be more sensitive than usual and your words may cut more deeply than you think they will. It is much better to vent into a journal or take a walk by yourself to create an outlet. Know that if there is any pressing matter that requires resolution, that resolution is best found after July 12.

July 9 - 11 - The sun makes a square (a tense relationship) to Lilith. This influences brings the need to retaliate against any person or circumstance that you feel is undermining your personal autonomy. Again, it is best to allow these feelings to arise (if they do) and create a safe place for yourself to explore them. Explore them in private, not in public. If anything needs voiced and resolved, voice it on July 12 or later.

Just a note, if you find yourself feeling attacked during this Promethean retrograde period by the hurtful words or actions of others, it is best to explore what in you is being triggered. This can be an immensely productive time to explore any inner shadows or inner wounds and to cultivate loving-kindness within and for yourself. I am not advocating that you be a doormat - speak up and out if the situation demands it for your safety and health. However, know that if you vent out of frustration or in response to someone else's lack of consciousness, it just might escalate into a shouting match with no real resolution. Rest assured, coming to a real understanding is possible on and after July 12.

May all beings be at ease!

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