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July 4: Venus Reaches her Maximum Brightness as the Morning Star

Before I get into this post, if you get any opportunity at all to view Venus alongside the rising sun this week, do it! The process of physically looking at the sky and seeing the sun, moon, planets and stars connects us to our ancestors that did that same thing. As we gaze upward, we get to experience the same the expansiveness and vastness of existence that they did, and, for just a moment, we can experience timelessness.

The new Venus cycle is now well underway. About this time, awareness of the change of heart that was experienced during the Venus retrograde (May 13 - June 24) is making itself known. At about this time, a question arises: now that you know the new orientation of your heart, how will that manifest in your life over the next 19 months? This is a question that will be answered gradually as we progress through the phases of Venus.

From June 25 to August 13, Venus is in her Fullness Phase. During this phase, the distance between Venus and the sun grows and Venus appears to us progressively earlier and higher in the sky each morning. According to Adam Gainsburg, this is the phase of feminine individuation. This happens through getting in touch with how you really feel (not how you think you feel) and by allowing your body's wisdom to communicate with you. Your body speaks in a very different language than your mind. This is an excellent phase for stating your willingness to learn how your body communicates and your desire to hear its messages. This phase is also about taking full responsibility for your part and your feelings when things don't go well or you hurt people you care about. Though painful, your choice to feel these difficult emotions: 1) keeps you honest; and 2) assures you are in the process of embodying your Feminine Self. (The word feminine is used here in reference to the feminine principle inside each of us regardless of the gender with which we identify.)

This is a phase where each of us makes natural mistakes by both under- and over-doing it. For example, under-estimating what a project really takes or under-appreciating others. If you find them, apologies, forgiveness or humility need to be cultivated. Likewise, over-shooting your mark, overlooking the big picture or overdoing how much effort you put into your projects shouldn't be ignored because they always result from an over-importance you've placed on yourself or your agenda.

This is a potent time for moving towards a much fuller understanding of yourself. There is no penalty for making mistakes, and there's a whole world out there that desperately needs those solutions that only you can provide.

On page 89 in The Light of Venus, Adam Gainsburg writes:

One such mistake or blind spot may be the issue of entitlement. You might expect things - from others, from the world, or from God - just because you are you. And you may not be so quick to admit it. Over-reacting to or under-caring about the feelings of others may hurt them, especially if they trust or rely on you, or if they think you're on the same page with them. But it will hurt their feelings when your anger surfaces at not having or getting what you think you deserve by rights. Another slip-up that can occur during the Fullness Phase can be going too far before learning how far is enough. Again, this is to be expected by the nature of Venus being at her brightest, furthest from the Sun, and moving slowly.

On the other side of these issues, you can positively and quickly respond to changes and be super-motivated for the things you've decided you want. You tend not to have so much interest or patience for the things you don't. Being utterly focused on your target is why the ancient Maya people depicted morning-star Venus in general - and especially Fullness Phase Venus - as the God of War!

During the Fullness Phase, from June 25 to August 13, we each get an opportunity to become completely willing to own our entire inner experience. This is not about being good - it's about becoming whole.

On July 4, Venus reaches her maximum morning brightness. On this day, take a moment to acknowledge how your light shines and how you express who you are. It is a marvelous day for self-acknowledgement, self-acceptance, and unconditional love. It is also a great day to acknowledge how and where you are willing and unwilling to be seen by others. This best done in a safe, private space in a spirit of openness, care, and compassion.

May all beings be at ease!

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