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July 9 - 15: Mercury Stations Direct

When Mercury, the fastest planet, stations direct, I always think of that time in very early spring / very later winter. Think of late February and March when it seems quiet and still, but the ice is melting. If you would peek under the ground, you would see that the earth is just waiting to burst into life. That is the energy right now: the arrow is being loaded. If we've been paying attention, we know the actions that we have to take after Mercury goes direct on July 12th (4:26 am Eastern time). The key to navigating these days well is to go slow enough, even amidst the internal excitement, to listen to your inner guidance, to smell the flowers, to enjoy the sunshine, to take that early morning walk before the heat of the day. Prepare yourself for the initiating actions you will soon take. Enjoy every minute.

What does it mean when Mercury stations direct?

It means that Mercury is moving very slowly, staying within the same degree, while it appears to change direction from the perspective of earth. Currently, if you were to look through a telescope, you would see Mercury "standing still" in the sky as it prepares to go forward again. Here is a picture of an ephemeris (an astrological table of planetary motion) for the beginning of July:

What are tips to navigate during July 9 - 15 as Mercury stations direct?

  • Notice the tension between where you are now and where you want to be. Let that inform you as to the actions that you should take once Mercury goes direct on/after July 12.

  • You now have all of the information that you need for action. It's time to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the changes that you will initiate. Prepare yourself internally by cultivating the right inner attitude that will serve you as you take action on/after July 12.

  • As Mercury stations, feel the burst of energy that will happen during July 12 -15. It's finally time to take action again! Recognize that the first actions that you take in your new direction are the beginning actions. Ensure a good beginning by moving slowly. Mercury is still moving extremely slowly during this time - follow its lead. It will increase in speed gradually and finally resume its full speed on July 20.

May all beings be at ease!

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