June 18 - June 29: The Epimethean Retrograde Period of Mercury

The first part of a Mercury retrograde is always focused on review. This is a time for endings, as some things are coming to their natural close. This is a time for review of the past Mercury cycle that began on February 25. This is a major time of rest, especially mental rest. Things begun in the last Mercury cycle have created ripples in the pond of your world. This is the time to sit back and see those ripples.

How to pair with the Epimethean Retrograde period of Mercury?

  • Recognize that there is a forced review of environmental conditions - take a good look at your personal motivations in the past cycle (since February 25th)

  • Right now, there is a mental loosening. Stubbornness and trying to make sure others "get" your point of view is not productive. Keep your mind open, keep it loose.

  • Let go of whatever thoughts or projects you see are ready to be released

  • Learning to let go can actually result in a creative surge of power as you make room for new possibilities

  • Allow the horizons of your mind to expand so that new information can come in from your unconscious or subconscious

  • If there are dramatic confrontations during this time, treat the information that surfaces like a gift

  • If you find yourself frustrated, it is time to pay attention to signals that you have been too preoccupied to notice

Keep in mind the conventional wisdom during Mercury retrograde: don't sign contracts, don't make big purchases, don't make important, life-changing decisions, don't make new business ventures, be patient if you're traveling and expect mix-ups and delays. This is because none of us are in our right mind!

One other note: recognize that there is a higher likelihood of being misunderstood when having important discussions and conversations right now. Speak slower. Ask clarifying questions to make sure you are truly understanding. Ask others to relay to you their understanding of what you have said.

Personally, I love this part of the Mercury retrograde cycle. I'll write some journal pages about everything that has happened in my life since February 25 and appreciate the insights that this kind of active recollection brings.

There is a lovely song written by Harry Nilsson that typifies this period of Mercury retrograde. You can enjoy it here.

May all beings be at ease!