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Mercury's Promethean Direct Phase: July 13 - August 16

Right now, we are right in the middle of Mercury's Promethean direct phase. This always occurs right after the Mercury retrograde and is one of the most creative parts of the Mercury cycle.

This is a time to act on instinct without a lot of thought about what will actually manifest in the environment. Actions taken during this time often precedes thought and, though mental activity is at its peak, consequences are not necessarily taken into account. The retrograde is over - there is mental freedom now! The mind now has full control and powers of observations and action are increasing.

This is the perfect time to look back over your notes from the Promethean retrograde phase from June 30 - July 11 and see what ideas you had then. What thoughts and ideas did you entertain? This is the perfect time to test the untried and to market the idea or product of the retrograde reflection. Allow yourself full creative freedom and seize all possible circumstance for growth and expansion - both personally and professionally.

Enjoy this experimental phase of action, a time when you can fly in the face of convention!

May all beings be at ease!

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