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Moving Into Wholeness

Right now, we are at the end of several cycles/phases. Consider:

  • The moon is currently waning, with the new moon occurring on January 12/13 (depending on your time zone)

  • Mercury is ending its current cycle that began on October 25. Mercury will go retrograde on January 30th and its new cycle will begin on February 8.

  • Venus is completing its 'Surrendering and Discovery Phase' which began on August 13. Venus will enter its 'Immersion Phase' on January 31.

  • Both Jupiter and Saturn will end their current heliacal cycles and enter into their new cycles this month.

And, there may be more!

Here's the deal: We are now see where we need to go and what needs to be changed. We may have already begun to initiate these changes already. In addition, any shadow/subconscious material that may keep us bound is arising as well. The good news: the shadow material is actually rising to the level of consciousness. We see what we're up against, so to speak. More good news: with more consciousness, more awareness, we can meet what's arising as difficult as it may be. We can generate compassion for self and other like never before. We can include everything in our experience into the changes that we're making now. This is a process that the coming new moon will illuminate even more .

How to meet the month of January with grace and ease:

January 8 - January 12

  • The moon is in the Last Quarter and Balsamic phases. Allow the shadow material to arise without judgment. See how you've been holding yourself back. Write about it and burn the pages.

  • Use lots of humor in your daily language. Laugh often. Take yourself lightly.

  • Clean up the area where you work and live. Reduce clutter.

  • Pay attention to the subtle energy forces that work themselves into every corner of your day to day living experience. This is a time when you have the opportunity to understand some of these forces.

January 12 at 9 pm PST / January 13 at midnight EST: New Moon at 23 degrees Capricorn conjunct Pluto

  • If you set an intention during the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, renew it now. If you didn't set an intention during that conjunction, you can make one now. Consider this question: what is your vision for yourself for the next 20 years? Call forth the clarity of your awareness and write out very specifically what is in your heart.

  • The new moon/Pluto conjunction will bring forth additional shadow material that may need to be fully felt and integrated. Welcome the shadow. Welcome all parts of yourself that you don't know yet. Imagine that you're sitting a great big table with lots of food you love to eat. Offer a delicious meal to every hungry part of yourself - the part hungry for power, the part completely obsessed, the part that likes it when you win, the part that likes it when you lose, etc. Welcome them all and let them eat until they are full. Make a commitment that you will welcome them and give them a seat at your table during the coming month, the coming year, the coming twenty years. This is just one way to begin to include all parts of yourself into the changes that you are making now. There are infinite ways to do this. Find the one that works for you.

  • Empower yourself. Claim that you have the ability to do what needs to be done. From January 13 to January 16, do something that allows you to feel your own willingness, your own agency. When you can feel your own creative force, your own authentic energy moving and activated, get creative. Write a poem, draw a picture, make a collage or do something else that you hang up and look at later that reminds you of your own unique spirit that is active, alive and empowered.

January 16 at 12:29 pm PST / 3:29 pm EST to January 20: The Crescent Moon Phase

Commit to your vision and bring your vision more deeply into your physical form. Use these days to feel your vision in every cell, to feel your feet on the earth moving in the direction of your vision. See yourself meeting obstacles with joy. See how obstacles will not deter you, but how they will help you refine your vision as you move in the direction of your heart's desire. The most important thing is do something during these days that brings your vision into every cell of your body.

January 28 at 11:16 am PST/ 2:16 pm EST: Full Moon in Leo with Venus conjunct Pluto at 25 degrees Capricorn

Note: in my experience, the 8 hours BEFORE the full moon is the best time to do the following.

  • Once again, if you set an intention during the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction or the new moon on January 12/13, renew it now. Reaffirm it now. And, especially now, see all obstacles that you will meet with as helpers and watch yourself greet them with joy as they show you how to refine your vision and increase your vitality.

  • Be open to any attachments to thought forms, ideas, people, projects (really anything) that you are ready to allow yourself to surrender. With Venus conjunct Pluto, our attachments that are actually wounding us are front and center. The fact that Venus is in her last days of the Surrendering and Discovery phase emphasizes this point. This is the time to deeply surrender to some hard realities about how we bond and who/what we're bonded with. It's time to tell the truth.

  • Open yourself up to experience and forgive parts of yourself that have been wounded in relationship. It doesn't matter if that relationship is parent/child, spouse, friendship, sibling, business partner, etc. There can be a profound opening as these unhealed (think: unfelt or only partially felt) experiences rise to the surface and are felt with unconditional love and acceptance.

  • Feel your willingness to bring up complex, emotionally charged subjects, to cross lines of taboo, to no longer live in denial. From January 28 until the new moon on February 11, we all have opportunities to free ourselves from internal tyranny through honesty, integrity, and an ability to bring up difficult subjects with those we love in a skillful way.

Here are some words of wisdom as we enter this month when the depth of our woundedness and pain can make itself known so that we can integrate experiences we would rather forget and move into greater wholeness with ourselves and each other.

Healing takes place in the dark and only in the dark do the processes of completion and renewal take place. The wounded animal instinctively withdraws into the silent stillness of the dark empty cave in order to heal itself; likewise the psyche requires that we go down into the depths of the unconscious in order to heal the experiences kept there. It is here that we can uncover the hidden causes of the wounds in our psyche, and align ourselves with the closure energies of release, transformation and integration.

As we journey between worlds, from the dimension of conscious manifest reality to the unconscious phenomenal realm, we must alter our perception to enter the tunnel leading to the unconscious world of the psyche. There exist many different methods to access the unconscious spanning the psychological, spiritual, metaphysical, artistic and pharmaceutical disciplines. It is important to recognize that this process can be overwhelming and to take certain safeguards. There is no need to experience everything at once. Everything surfaces in the readiness of time and with the right degree of willingness.

The first step is to recognize that there is wound and to admit the existence of pain and confusion in our life. Our conscious mind resists acknowledging that which threatens to overwhelm us, and many behavior patterns of avoidance are manifestations of this denial. The feelings of these rejected memories are locked into the circuitry of our emotional and physical bodies. The second phase involves recalling these painful experiences and fully feeling the emotional charge of the blocked energy within our open heart. It is also important not to push, not to force the feelings. Only feel what is authentically arising. Also, it's important not to feel in such a way that re-traumatizes, but to allow without judgment, with complete openness, unconditional love and acceptance. In this way, the experiences can be fully integrated and energy that was used to suppress these experiences now gives joyful vitality.

As we come to know the faces of our hidden tendencies and accept these components of our being within us, not external to us, we release the negative energies (the energies of suppression) and experience the energies just as they are. As we heal, we approach a state of wholeness within ourselves, and that awareness precipitates a realization of our connectedness with all life. The transcendent function is activated when we begin to consider others as not separate from ourselves, and act accordingly.

-Demetra George

May all beings be at ease!

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