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New Moons and the Art of Initiation

New moons have become synonymous with new beginnings. I've found that the idea, "If you want to start something, do it at the new moon" has become fairly common, even in non-astrological circles. There is some truth to this, for sure. Yet, this idea is far from a complete picture.

There is an 8-day period each month when the moon disappears from the sky and then re-emerges. Here is a picture of the moon from July 12 - 25, 2020:

The Balsamic Phase (yes, spelled like the vinegar), is exactly where we are now. This is the great time of rest and release that happens before every new moon. Sometimes, it is experienced as a wave of sadness or slight depression (I've come to call this experience the Balsamic Blues) and other times it is a time of greater peace than usual. This is the time of the lowest energy of the entire month. Engaging in deep rest is a great practice during the Balsamic Moon phase.

The Balsamic Phase ends with the New Moon on July 20 at 1:33 pm Eastern. Here's the most important thing to understand about a new moon: new moon = new energy (not necessarily new beginnings). And, at every new moon, the question is raised: what are you going to do with the new energy?

At the New Moon, the energy is very low. This is important. It is so that we can get still enough to respond to that question authentically: what is the best use of this new energy? The stillness of the new moon (especially the first 8 hours after it becomes New) gives us the opportunity to connect with the Universe in great silence. The silence provides space to invite our genuine next steps to emerge.

Look at how little light the moon has on July 20, 21 and 22. This is the slow time where we are able to gain some real clarity and set our intention of how to use the new energy. It gives us time to ensure that the intention we are stating is in alignment and is congruent with our entire being. By stating an intention, by clarifying a vision, by setting a priority strongly during this time, we are linking with the new energy being made available. We are showing this new energy where we want it to go. Sometimes, it is authentic that this energy is put to a new beginning or initiation. Other times, there are more pressing priorities.

The time to actually take action on the intention that has been firmly set during the new moon are the next 2 phases - the Waxing Crescent and the First Quarter moon. In July, the Waxing Crescent phase occurs from July 24 - July 26. The big idea during these days is, "The Moon is still young - use the fresh energy to commit to your goals." The First Quarter Phase occurs from July 27 - July 30. The big idea during these days is, "A turning point - will you go forward with new action or hang back in familiar patterns?"

All of this has been background information to get to the main idea of this post. Here it is: if there is something that you need to initiate, whether it is a new habit, a project, an idea, state your intention strongly at the New Moon on July 20th at 1:33 pm Eastern or within 8 hours of that. Feel it in your being. See the new energy moving you to success. The New Moon on July 20th is the best new moon until November to initiate anything. Deepen your commitment and take your first actions during the Crescent Moon. Continue your new actions at the First Quarter to cement it.

Here is some basic information about the initiation potential of the New Moons from now until the end of this year:

  • New Moon on July 20th at 1:33 pm Eastern:

  • Although we are knee-deep in a 6-month long review phase, this new moon has the best initiation potential. The eclipses are over and Mars isn't yet in his Shadow of the upcoming retrograde. Mercury, Venus, and Mars are direct.

  • New Moon on August 18th at 10:42 pm Eastern:

  • This moon has a mixed-review of initiation potential. It is true that something initiated at this new moon can be successful. However, expect a lot of revisions and reworking as you move ahead in the long term. Mercury, Venus and Mars are direct, but Mars is preparing to go retrograde in early September.

  • New Moon on September 17th at 7:00 am Eastern and New Moon on October 16th at 3:31 pm Eastern:

  • The best use of the new energy of these New Moons is not initiation. Mars is now retrograde.

  • New Moon on November 15th at 12:07 am Eastern:

  • This new moon is bolstered by the explosive energy of Mars turning Direct just the day before! It is noted that the 6-month review-phase of the eclipses is still in effect. However, this new moon can be used for initiation - but proceed with a great deal of consciousness given the strength of the energies available at the time. In other words, if you use this new moon for initiation, be really clear and very specific about your use of the new energy of this new moon. Make extra sure that your intention is in alignment with your entire being - that there is no doubt.

  • New Moon / Solar Eclipse on December 14 at 11:17 am Eastern:

  • This new moon, being an eclipse, is complicated. It is starting a new six-month wave of fresh energy. The six-month review period ends with this eclipse. You can use it to initiate something for sure, although a more stable New Moon (and the absolute best New Moon for initiation since early in 2020) is the New Moon on January 12th.

May all beings be at ease!

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