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Pairing with the Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction Begins this Thursday

Jupiter - the planet of Expansion, Abundance, Luck, Opportunity.

Pluto - the planet of Money, Transformation, Sex, Power, the Subconscious.

These two powerful planets come together for the second time this year on June 30th (Eastern time). Pairing with this conjunction links your desire to your determination. It clears away obstacles and helps you keep your eye on the prize (as you have defined it). It grants large powers of perception and allows you to face any reality you've been in denial about. Facing reality frees up stuck energy to help you live life the way you want to instead of being driven by compulsive habits.

I have to mention that when Jupiter and Pluto get together, money is most certainly involved. It's an excellent time to examine your personal relationship with the energy of money and see where you are blocking its flow. You can use / tweak the ritual in the article listed below to add a section requesting to see and face where you are blocked around the energy of money and pair that with a specific money intention. In other words, you can use this ritual and timing to get conscious about how you partner with the energy of money, clean it up (Pluto), and make room for more (Jupiter) wealth.

Even though the actual Jupiter-Pluto conjunction doesn't occur until Tuesday, June 30th, this Thursday, June 25th, is the ideal day to begin pairing with this event. If you are interested in learning more about this powerful conjunction and doing a ritual that brings these forces into your life personally, see this article for how to pair with the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction beginning on June 25th. June 25th is the Thursday (Jupiter's Day) before the conjunction is exact on June 30th (Eastern Time). This short ritual is done every day for one week.

Just a note, in my experience, a ritual is a way to make unseen forces seen and conscious in your life. Some people call this "magic." Personally, I have experienced synchronicity, coincidence and have been downright lucky time and time again because I consciously pair with energies that I know are active in nature. Nature's forces are not magical in and of themselves, but pairing with them can bring a "magical" effect because the forces that are already at work are consciously brought from the unseen into the material plane without resistance.

I always tweak the instructions of any ritual because the three most important factors to pairing with these energies are:

1) Intention. Before doing any sort of energetic work, be clear about your intention. State it clearly before beginning the ritual. Feel your intention in your body.

2) Authenticity. This goes down to the wording. If you're just reading what someone else wrote and it's not singing in your heart, then the effectiveness will be lessened considerably.

3) Alignment. Before doing any sort of energetic work, go through it first in your mind and check in with your body. Is there any resistance to the ritual? If there is, address it! Don't do the ritual without reviewing it, making changes, and feeling the congruence with it in your physical body.

May all beings be at ease!

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