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Preparing for Internal Transformation during Venus Retrograde

Currently, Venus is preparing to go retrograde.  Internally, this time is ripe for experiencing a divine discontent.  For the past 18 months, during Venus' direct phases, our experiences with relationships, money and values have been working under an operating system unique to each of us.  Now, we're not the same person we were 18 months ago and our operating system in these areas needs an update.  It is helpful, during this deep breath right before the retrograde, to identify where the divine discontent is and honor it.

I found this article by astrologer Dana Gerhardt about why Venus retrograde is important to be particularly relevant and helpful. Here are the dates for the upcoming Venus retrograde:

Venus is retrograde from May 12 until June 24.

Within that time, here are some important time frames:

May 12 - June 2: This is the time of the cycle where your divine discontent grows very strong. In her article, Dana listed the need to have a Venus rant at this time, especially potent between May 28 and June 2. I have found that to be true in past Venus retrograde cycles. The most important thing is to honor and deeply listen to yourself. Give yourself some sort of mode of expression to express what's at the heart of your unrest. Allow it all in a safe space.

June 3: I personally consider this a sacred day this year. This is a day when, if you are quiet and still, the new path for your growth regarding relationships, values, and money begins to make itself known to you. When I have been too busy and filled my life with too much activity in the past on this particular day (which only comes around once every 18 months!), I've missed it. I purposely do only as much as absolutely necessary and not a thing more! This is a great day to enjoy soft light, a good soak in the tub, and appreciate the beauty of nature. Relax and allow - you may be surprised at what thoughts and ideas come to you. Write them down - but don't act on them yet!

June 4 - June 24: This is the time in the cycle that I have found it is best to loosen my old structures. The seeds of the future are here, but it's time to let go of the old values, ways of dealings with money and relationships that simply won't be of service anymore. Cry those tears. You'll notice new strength beginning to surface around June 9. The unraveling and letting go process continues until Venus goes direct on June 24, but you'll be exploring new ways of being around this time as well.

June 25 and after: Now it's finally safe to act on the new ways of being and ideas that were presented to you during the cycle. However, there is one caveat to this: on this particular year (2020), Mercury is retrograde from June 17 - July 11. This means that even though Venus has gone direct on June 24, I wouldn't take any great new action until after July 12. We'll be in a deep review until then. I will write a separate post about the uniquely sensitive time that we'll be experiencing from June 17 - July 11 when we're getting closer. Until then, may all beings be at ease!

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