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Reorient Yourself as Mars Stations and Goes Direct

What have you been cooking with since early September when Mars went retrograde? Where have you been contacting forms of rage, passion, heat, energy, raw libido and ambition from deep within yourself? In the past 80 days, what energies have you been releasing because their time has come?

Now, the time of incubation, cooking, and release - the time of internal processing - is changing. Mars is now stationing (appearing to stand still from Earth's perspective) and will turn direct on Friday, November 13. All of us have needed to clear out festering energy somewhere in order to make new pathways. Once Mars goes direct, we can begin to try out these new pathways in our lives and experience much more energy and vitality as a result.

Mars turning direct (appearing to move forward again from the perspective of Earth) may be accompanied by eruptions or confrontations. This is because some old way of being has become unsustainable and now, the time has come to act in a new way and there may be resistance to this. Any change is uncomfortable and it's important to give yourself time and extend yourself a lots of patience and kindness right now. Also, as deep emotions continue to arise during this time of transition, really take some time to acknowledge how you really feel about what's happening.

Between now and December 11, when Mars trines the Sun, give yourself time to integrate all of the internal changes that have occurred in the last two and half months. Give yourself the space to try out new ways of being. If you know it's time to relinquish a once-beloved project, attitude, relationship, or goal, you can create a ceremony to send it off in peace. Again, make room for all of your feelings as you say goodbye.

This paragraph from Erin Sullivan's Retrograde Planets is appropriately apt:

In matters of love and war, it is said, all is fair. When the war is between love of self and self-combat I should think this axiom is apt. When Mars retrogresses, a degree of personal power and control is lost in the area across which it is traversing to and fro. This loss of command has to do with establishing an equilibrium, or creating ‘fairness’ in a psychic sense. Ranting and raving does not seem to be effective, whereas relinquishing what is meant to be free does. Inspiration often goes underground, only to resurface upon the direction of Mars with a new and more realistic goal. It is as if the battle between conscious will and unconscious intent needs to take place in extreme private and secrecy, revealing itself only when the victor is assured of its supremacy. In this case the battle is between the conscious self and the unconscious Self, that mysterious aspect of the psyche which contains the power to direct one's life-force.

How have your goals changed? What are new ways of being that you want to try out in your life? What battles are you willing to surrender in order to give yourself more energy? This time of re-orientation is so very exciting. Enjoy every minute!

May all beings be at ease!

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