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The New Cycle of Venus Has Begun

From June 3 at 1:44 pm, all of June 4, and half of June 5, Venus is in her Inception Phase. Just for a moment, think of your own conception. We celebrate your birthday, but your life really began 9 months prior. According to Adam Gainsburg, whose work on Venus is unparalleled in my opinion, here is what you can do over the next 2 and a half days to pair with this event:

1) Sit with your deepest heart intentions. What are you conceiving? You might have a vision, but it is very important to feel it deep in your body.

2) Take time to turn off the news. We are here in the silence and darkness, in the beginning of a new cycle. Come home to yourself.

3) Become like fertile soil. Feel your inner richness. Feel your way through the next 19 months. Don't think - feel. What does it hold for you? What do you want it to be? How do you want to meet it?

4) Do not hide from yourself. What are you at this point in time? What are you not? Become honest and clear.

5) Realize that right now you are working with the potential of your future. Keep your heart open for the big potential in things, in people, and in your life.

You can find Adam's Venus Calendar here - it's a wonderful tool to keep up with all of the Venus Phases and events as she moves through the new cycle in Gemini.

One last thing, the new cycle of Venus lasts until 2022. Its inception is in Gemini, ruler of information. It is very important to examine how you get your information now. Make sure that your news sources are close to your heart. The amount of information coming to you in the next 9 months will be astounding. Now is the time to hit "unsubscribe" to any source that is not really aiding us on our personal journey.

May all beings be at ease!

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