The New Mercury Cycle begins on June 30

On June 30, Mercury, hidden from our view in the sky, conjuncts the Sun. If you are familiar with Chinese Medicine, on this day, the first hint of yang appears in our mental processes. We have now closed the previous cycle, which lasted from February 25 to June 29. This new cycle will last from June 30 until October 24.

On June 30, if you can find even 5 minutes to sit in silence, it is worth it to do so. Before getting quiet and still, formulate a question. Here are some examples. Begin with the phrase In the coming months...

  • What is the best use of my mind?

  • What will it serve me best to learn?

  • What ideas should I focus on?

  • What type of thoughts will serve me the most?

  • What will enhance my communication with others? With myself?

Don't expect the answers. Feel a sense of an open mind and a willingness to explore new mental frontiers.

Write down any new ideas, thoughts, impressions, or perceptions that appear to you on June 30. A seed is planted now that will gestate through the last half of the Mercury retrograde cycle (until July 11) and show up in the world shortly after Mercury stations direct. DO NOT ACT ON YOUR IDEAS NOW! Let them sit and percolate. Gather information about them between now and July 12. Give your mind a lot of room to explore, wander, stretch, and discover.

Especially on June 30, allow yourself time to rest and recuperate. Scale down any action. Edit out extraneous components in your work, thought, or lifestyle. This leaves room for the relevant material to begin to surface in your mind after this point, as yang energy grows and enlivens all mental processes.

May all beings be at ease!