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The Paradox of the June 21 Solar Eclipse

The June 21st Solar Eclipse is a very complex topic to write about. First, I am going to write about what you can personally do to pair with this event. Second, I will discuss the implications of this eclipse in context of the world.

All Solar Eclipses bring a tremendous amount of energy to the planet. It is the sheer amount of energy that is brought in that creates an energetic instability around the eclipse. We are in the middle of an eclipse season now, one that began around June 3rd, with the Lunar Eclipse on June 5th. This eclipse season of instability will last until July 7th. A general feeling of volatility, swinging emotions, and not feeling grounded usually accompanies eclipse seasons.

Right now, the very best thing you can do to pair with this Summer Solstice eclipse is to do a releasing ceremony (or several!) We are now in the Balsamic phase of the moon, which is a time of release as well as the time where we get inspired about what new beginnings lie ahead in the next moon cycle, or in this case, the next 6 months! If we are slow, still, and quiet, we get strong intuitive hits about the right placement of our personal energy in the cycle ahead.

If you are not sure how to do a release, here is a simple ceremony, adapted from Yasmin Boland's book Moonology. The release ceremony can be found within the stars below. If you're not interested in it, skip down below to the stars.


Timing of releases: From June 17th until 2:41 AM Eastern time on June 21st

Go to a safe space where you can be alone.

Take some deep breaths, allowing yourself to settle.

Now think about a habit, something that is upsetting you, old tapes that you are replaying in your mind that are no longer serving you. On a sheet of paper, write about it, one at a time. Take as much time as you need to express what is arising.

Next, think about any person or incident that has upset you. Think about any circumstance that is frustrating to you. You can even go back to your childhood or other times in your past. See what you haven't forgiven. Again, on a sheet of paper, write it all out. Write out how you feel. Express it all.

If you feel that you are ready to forgive or to loosen your attachment to the hurt, close your eyes. See the person or circumstance inside a bubble in your mind's eye. Add a color that will assist you to their bubble. Boland recommends Pink because it is the color of love, but I have found equal success with other colors. Create a good feeling between the two of you and say aloud:

"Under this Balsamic Moon of Release, I forgive everything, everyone, every experience, every memory of the past or present that needs forgiveness. I forgive positively everyone. I also forgive myself of past mistakes. The Universe is love, and I am forgiven and governed by love alone. Love is now adjusting my life. Realizing this, I abide in peace."

You can use those words, but feel free to use your own. Those are right from Boland's book and I have found them to be quite effective.

Then, stand over a sink, or anywhere else where you'll not set fire to the house and burn everything you wrote on the pieces of paper. This releases the energy in the paper.

When you're finished, take a moment to think of what you are deeply thankful for in your life. Really feel your gratitude in your body. Write a list of people, circumstances and incidents that you are thankful for.

When you are done, burn this list as well. This is because the balsamic moon is a release time and you are releasing your gratitude to the universe and all on earth.

Finally, if it feels right for you, say the following or make your own statement, "I know I am blessed and live my life with that knowing."


During the time from now until the eclipse on June 21, release as much as you can, as much as you are *really* ready to let go of. If you sense that you are on the path to a release but are not quite ready to let go fully, you can also do a "loosening" ceremony where you acknowledge the attachments that you are loosening at this time.

Releasing is so important now because the June 21st Solar Eclipse begins a 6-month cycle. The more you are ready to release, the clearer your start will be at the eclipse.

That being said, there is a great paradox about this particular 6-month cycle we are about to enter. Even though there will be a great influx of energy at the eclipse, the overall theme of the next 6 months includes: maturity, releasing our cherished beliefs or attitudes and surrendering who we think we are both individually and collectively. To me, this great influx of energy will be needed not to build, but to give each of us the strength to admit where our current modus operandi are not working any longer. It takes energy to build, to create, to infuse, to bring things into the world. That is not the time we're in now. We're going to need the energy in this eclipse to dismantle with care the ideas and structures that we think we need in order to live. In the next six months, learning compassion both for self and for others, being humble, and going slow enough to extend small kindnesses will be of critical importance.

A Simple Poem for the June 21 Summer Solstice Eclipse and the 6 Months that Follow

I'm open to releasing what I hold dear

I'm open to becoming calm and clear

Show me where I'm in the way

In what I do and what I say

I am now tender with myself and all

I shed my tears and let them fall

I'm making space for something new

That will occur early next year

I'm willing to release who I think I am

To slow down and change gears

New perspectives are coming soon

but first I must let go

I willingly release what is in the way

So that new energy will flow


Now, I'm going to move into the June 21st Solar Eclipse and the Collective. This eclipse occurs on the "World Point" of 0 Degrees Cancer. 0 degrees of any sign is the most potent degree because it is the very first degree - it holds all of the potential of that sign that is able to manifest. 0 Degrees of Cancer points to the home, the hearth, the family, the inner psychological space that is only known to each of us, the conditions that we have found that make our home-life and personal inner-life happy. Collectively, this points to our nation, our home-land. Even wider, this applies to our home: the Earth. Hence, it is the "world point." When an eclipse, a great change-maker, is on this point of 0 degrees Cancer, it shows that a great shift of our relationship to our home, to our homeland, and to the earth will manifest sometime in the 6 months following the eclipse. The last eclipse that fell upon such a degree was in the summer of 2001.

The time around the June 21 Solar Eclipse and the six months that follow is the best time to examine your personal relationship to Mother Earth and the resources that She provides. The simple prayer below is inspired by the writing of Fuensanta Arismendi in her book Root, Stone and Bone.

A Simple Prayer for the June 21 Solar Eclipse and the 6 Months that Follow

Teach me to distinguish between what I truly own

and what was put in my hands to flow elsewhere.

Teach me to choose my food wisely,

for the Earth is not mine to plunder.

Teach me to use energy sparingly,

for the climate is not mine to change.

Teach me to respect all resources, whether they be mine or not.

Teach me to respect all money, whether I may own it or not.

Instill in me a deep connection to the earth, my home

Instill in me a reverence for the abundance She provides


May all beings be at ease!

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