Venus is Now the Morning Star

Venus, still retrograde, is now far enough away from the sun to be seen again from the earth. It has emerged as the morning star, and it will stay the morning star until January 31, 2021. These days - June 10 and June 11 - mark the "Birth" phase of Venus. It is very important to be mindful of how you choose to spend your time and invest your energy during these two days because your actions imprint on the entire 19-month cycle. I don't mean for you to drastically change your agenda in the next two days. As you go about your activities, be aware of how you are choosing to spend your time. A good question to ask is, "Do my activities reflect my values?" The more your activities and your values are congruent during these 2 days, the more easily congruent they will be during the entire cycle.

May all beings be at ease!