Welcome the Dark

Today, June 13, 2020, Venus reaches the degree of her Evening Star birth in the second half of the Venus cycle. Let me lay this out and then I will explain the significance of today.

When Venus starts a new cycle, she is invisible in the sky. She meets up with the Sun. This is called the inferior conjunction and when this happens, it seeds the potential for the next 19 months.

Then, Venus is "born" or appears as the Morning Star in our sky for the first half of the cycle.

Before ending the first half of the Venus cycle, she becomes invisible in our sky again - and meets up with the Sun again. This time, it is called the superior conjunction. However, this conjunction happens *the farthest away from earth*. This is a time (March 25 - May 15, 2021) when we are called to look at and integrate some deep shadow material so that we can move forward in a new way.

Then, on May 15, 2021, Venus is "re-born" as she appears as the Evening Star in our sky for the duration of the cycle.

On today, June 13 2020, Venus is at the same degree as she will be on May 15th, when we will all be emerging from a time where we are looking and integrating these deeper shadows, or parts of ourselves we would rather not see.

Here is the opportunity this event gives us. Today, create within yourself a field of deep unconditional love and welcome any part of you that you would rather not look at. In this unconditionally loving environment, invite your shadow self to show a part of what you would rather not see to you. This is a day where your intent to stop perpetuating violence caused by your own unconsciousness (and we all do this) can reap some very great results later in the Venus cycle. Sit quietly and make of yourself the most loving, kind, forgiving, accepting environment you can. Welcome the dark. The steps to real change begins with seeing, acknowledging and accepting these parts of ourselves that we would rather keep hidden.

May all beings be at ease!