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Where were you 8 years ago?

What were you doing? What was important to you? These are important questions right about now. Every eight years, Venus goes retrograde in the same (or adjacent, in some cases) sign. And, every eight years, we build a little further on a storyline, with a plot that is unique to each of us. Look for a thread weaving between what was happening eight years ago in your life and what is happening right now.

Here are the dates of the previous Venus cycles that began when Venus was born in Gemini:

  • June, 1988 – January, 1990

  • June, 1996 – January, 1998

  • June, 2004 – January, 2006

  • June, 2012 – January, 2014

These cycles act as a bridge between these deeper themes in our lives. These themes are activated again every eight years, and we move forward within them, even though we don’t know the way. One thing is for certain: these themes always revolve around what we hold dear, what has value to us, and how we go about living these values.

Right now, Venus is in her Surrender and Discovery phase. This phase is delineated by Adam Gainsburg in his work The Light of Venus. This is one of two of Venus’ longest phases. It began on August 13th and will last until January 31, 2021. During this phase, Venus gets less and less bright in our morning sky as she gets lower and lower. Her speed increases throughout this phase as She journeys on to reach the Sun. At the end of this phase, she disappears from the sky completely in order to rejoin the Sun, whose brightness makes her invisible to us.

From August 13th until January 31st, each of us will have experiences that show us where we have put our own energy that does not authentically align with our heart. We grieve as we let go of these commitments, people, circumstances, stories, thoughtforms, energies, etc. that just aren’t in congruence anymore with who we have become. In the process, we come into contact with our authenticity. We come to value even more the parts of us that are eternal, despite the impermanence of this life.

As Venus takes us on this journey through January, she will be re-visiting those themes from eight years ago. She will be showing you what you need to surrender – or discover – on your way to further live the truest values of your deepest heart.

May all beings be at ease!

Want to know more about how Venus operates in your chart and your life?

Here are offerings that will honor the beauty and richness of your unique journey:

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