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Your Greatest Powers Right Now

We are still in the New Phase of the moon, which began with the new moon on October 16. The New Phase will last until tomorrow at 9 pm Eastern, when it changes into the waxing Crescent Phase.

The energy of this new moon, along with Mercury retrograde and Mars now in his re-orientation phase is extremely potent. If you have a chance, while the moon is still in the New Phase, make a little time to consider the following:

1) This is a lunar month (Oct. 16 - Nov. 15) where there are no shortcuts. Grace will step in when you feel you don't have the strength to face an aspect of reality that can no longer be denied.

2) You don't need to know how you will move in the direction you know you need to go now. You don't need to know how you'll get to your new destination. You know the new direction now, and this is enough. This is the moment where, if you allow it, the knots of the past will unravel before you. Keep breathing in and, with every out breath, let go of a little more of that unnecessary weight. Let go a little more of those burdens that you can't keep carrying around anymore.

3) Don't force anything. This is a time of great allowing, not a time of effort. Especially now, with new information in your awareness, allow your mind to relax and find ways to relax your body as well. The old Mercury cycle is falling away fast now. Let events come to their natural conclusion with as little effort as possible. The new cycle will begin on October 25.

This is a lunar month where your greatest power is your attitude and how you choose to respond to your inner and outer reality. Under any conditions, you have the power to choose thoughts that nourish yourself and others. If you are noticing that you have a lot of mental garbage arising, let it come and let it go. It's just coming up to be released. No big deal. A practice of daily gratitude goes a very long way during this entire lunar month. You can choose to be thankful just for being alive - there is no day that will ever exist like today. If distressing circumstances arise, you have the power to slow down and to choose how to respond. Phrases like, "I need time to process this," or "I will get back to you tomorrow after I have time to digest this," are very helpful.

We are headed into a few BIG new beginnings coming soon. The astrological events happening now are the last part of a major outgoing cycle. Don't wish for the future to come too quickly, however. Don't bide your time and wait for the tension to be over. This time is potent with opportunities where inner tensions, inner frustrations and internal conflicts can really be transformed. If you go slowly, treat this time with respect and attend to all of your deepest inner needs, you will reap tremendous benefits later this year.

May all beings be at ease!

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