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Descendant: What We Give Away

Reclaim the parts of yourself that you easily project onto others

  • 2 hours
  • $199
  • Phone / Zoom

Service Description

Learn about the meaning of the astrological descendant in your natal chart. The descendant is the sign that was setting in the west as you were born. It is directly related to parts of yourself that you easily project onto others (and you may not even know it!). Often planets on the descendant, or in the 7th house, embody qualities that we feel will make us whole. In reality, each of us is already whole. So, the unconscious search for these energies or qualities outside of ourselves perpetuates the feeling that we are somehow lacking. In this session, we will examine which energies we need to claim, and, in claiming them, we claim ourselves as healthy and whole. Learn concrete methods for recovering parts of yourself that you keep giving away. This session is especially helpful for anyone who is on a path of personal growth or who wants to enhance any relationship. Get astrological timing and learn when, each month, you can celebrate yourself as an interdependent being - not independent and not dependent.

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