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Dynamics Trio: Session 3

Activates the deepest growth of the relationship through awareness

  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Included in Bundle
  • Phone / Zoom

Service Description

These sessions explore the relationship dynamics and activate the greatest growth and potential of the relationship itself as well as the partners within it.  In session 1, the deepest needs of each partner in the relationship are explored. This is very empowering to both, as it enables acknowledgement and a rich acceptance of each partner's natural way of being.  Session 2 focuses on the evolutionary purpose of the relationship and its path of greatest growth and potential.  This session also addresses tendencies that the couple may have that do not benefit the relationship and provides specific actions for the couple to take that enhance and benefit the relationship.  In session 3, the intra-personal dynamics are made conscious, and each partner's impact on the other is explored.  These sessions are empowering to both partners as they discover each other again and explore their relationship from an entirely new perspective.  These sessions are also excellent for business partners, friendships, or any other relationship in which the partners are seeking tools to activate a path of growth together.  These sessions build on each other and must be done in order. 

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