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IC/MC: Our Private and Public Selves

Explore your path to happiness at home and in the world

  • 2 hours
  • $199
  • Phone / Zoom

Service Description

Learn about the meaning of your astrological I.C. (Latin for imum coeli meaning "bottom of the sky") and M.C. (Latin for medium coeli meaning "middle of the sky"). The M.C. is also called the midheaven of the chart. The I.C., and the 4th House, are the most private parts of the chart. They show what you need for personal happiness and what kind of foundation you need to build in order to activate your success as you venture out from home and into the world. The M.C. is directly opposite the I.C. and shows the most public self. The M.C., and the 10th House, are areas that show what you need to be happy as you contribute to the greater society and build a career. Your reputation is also represented here - how people, who may not even know you, see you. In this session, the keys to your happiness both in your personal, private sphere and your public, worldly sphere are explored. You will also get personalized strategies on ways to build the best foundation in your private life to support your worldly success in your public life. Get astrological timing and learn when, each month, you can activate your happiness at home and your happiness in the world.

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