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The Symbols of your Chart

Activate your chart with awareness of the symbols within it

  • 2 hours
  • $149
  • Phone / Zoom

Service Description

The Sabian Symbols were developed between Elsie Wheeler, a medium who channeled the symbolism of each astrological degree, and Marc Edmund Jones, who transcribed her visions and later formed a kind of Victorian salon society around the work they created. Sometime in the mid 1920’s, they approached Dane Rudhyar with their work, and by 1930, give or take, Dane had been convinced of their merit and began to study the Sabian Symbols. More recently, astrologer Martin Goldsmith did a huge research project on the Sabian Symbols and created two volumes of new symbols - again, one for each degree of the zodiac. This session provides you with all of the symbols unique to your chart. This session is best suited for people with a contemplative practice or a subtle-body practice because working with these symbols activates the planetary energies within you. Often the symbols act like koans. While not fully understandable by the mental mind, their deeper meaning appears to you in contemplation when you are ripe enough to receive them.

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