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Your Neptune: Returning to Source

Your personal Neptune is the gateway to the timelessness within

  • 2 hours
  • $199
  • Phone / Zoom

Service Description

Learn about the meaning of the astrological Neptune in your natal chart. This includes Neptune's sign, house, and aspects as well as motion (direct/retrograde). Identify where your greatest longings exist and learn to differentiate the gold from the glamour. Learn where your ability to let go will aid you the most in your life. Get personalized ways to internally renew that are based on connection with source, which is our only constant well of true energy. Tap into your natal Neptune to explore strategies to examine where you need to develop boundaries. Get practical grounding techniques for when your natal Neptune is activating escapist tendencies. Also included is an astrological timing technique which gives you specific times each month in which you can most easily develop your experience of the timelessness within.

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