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The Buddha is often compared to a Great Physician.  Emily is currently a Senior Student of Integral Zen Buddhism, founded by Doshin Nelson, Roshi.  She currently practices with Integral Zen and also attends sesshin and services with the Mountains and Rivers Order of Zen Buddhism.

Integral Zen approaches Zen Buddhism within the Integral Theory framework created by Ken Wilber. 

Emily's practice is informed by the following vows:

The many beings are numberless; I vow to save them

Greed, hatred, ignorance rise endlessly; I vow to abandon them

Dharma gates are endless; I vow to engage them

The Buddha way is endless; I vow to follow through

The unconscious does not easily give up its contents 

I vow to create an internal unconditionally loving environment for all repressed and suppressed material that has been accumulated over eons of existence to arise, be fully experienced, and self-liberate

I vow to become skilled in the art of the open heart

I proactively choose to remain open in the face of my fear

Each day presents new circumstances to discover where openness lives  

I vow to be open, honest, and vulnerable in my relationship with myself and in my relationships with others






I extend my deepest gratitude and my highest respect to the following organizations:

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Cultivate your meditation practice: 

Receive Zen meditation instruction

Receive support as you cultivate your own meditation practice

Open-ended sessions offering support and guidance:

There is no one who knows the path of your life better than you. 

These sessions help you get in touch with the wisdom that you already have and to celebrate the person that you already are.

Astrology aside, there are times in life when you just need some support.  Emily is not a licensed counselor.  These support sessions are grounded in her experience in Integral Zen and are designed to help you get in touch with deepest wisdom of your own being.


All are welcome.  

Please explore the options below.

Regarding COVID-19:

All services are currently offered through phone call or Zoom, not in person.  I dearly miss meeting with clients in person but listening to those with expertise in epidemiological matters is of paramount importance to ensure the safety of all of us.

The pricing below reflects my normal charges.  If you would like a session but due to COVID-19 you have financial constraints, please reach out by clicking the button below.

Opportunities to Get Acquainted 

Introductory Phone Call / Zoom
30 min

Haven't met Emily but unsure of a phone or Zoom introduction? Send an email to start the conversation.  

Opportunities for Nourishment